University Library

The gem of the University, a repository for over 400,000 carefully chosen books and pamphlets.
This three-story Gothic structure was built of native granite in 1878, replacing a smaller wooden building.

Although the marble halls are cold and drafty, the library is well lit by tall, arched windows that allow maximum light to penetrate an otherwise dreary structure. The library is open 8 A.M. to 9 P.M., Monday-Friday; 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. on Saturday; 1-6 P.M. Sunday the reference room is open.

The mastiff chained near the front steps still stands guard at night, and Armitage has convinced the board of trustees that more security is needed. The University has asked Dick Ace to install an expensive electric burglar alarm system.

The director of the library is, of course, Dr Henry Armitage, A.M., Miskatonic; Ph.D., Princeton; Litt. D., Cambridge. Armitage is 73, white-bearded, and lives with his wife, Eleanor, in their home at 348 W High Street. He has directed the library since 1906 and knows its secrets better than anyone.

It is here, that the investigators first met Dr Henry Armitage when looking for the book, De Vermiis Mysteriis after being asked by Rupert Merriweather to banish the creature that was summoned at the farmhouse at Ross’s Corners.

University Library

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